Executive Assistant, Dashlane
Posted on Dec 07, 2021
Looking for people open to Full time roles
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Hey you! Yeah, YOU! Are you looking for your next position as an Executive Assistant? I cannot more strongly recommend you come work for Dashlane as my backfill. BONUS: I'll be involved in your onboarding as I'm staying until the end of January :)

Working with Derek Snyder for the last two and a half years has been the best working relationship of my entire career. I have absolutely adored it, and will continue to scream it to the rafters ever onwards.

Since Dhiraj joined Dashlane he has become a friend, advisor, and trusted colleague. Working with his team is a joy and you will love getting to know them and collaborating with them.

I am happy to talk with absolutely anyone about my experience here at Dashlane who is considering this role.

And if you're wondering "Ned, if it's so great, WHY ARE YOU LEAVING?!" that's a really good question. I'm pivoting my career to focus fully on acting / writing / producing. Dashlane was a trusted partner for years that allowed me the flexibility to do those things on my own time and they have been the support that has given me the ability to take this career step. Dashlane was a value add to this decision, not a detractor.

Seriously, this job rules, and I would love to talk to you about it.