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Learning Python
Jun 03, 2019
Learnt Java
Learnt Spring Boot
Learnt Docker
Learnt Gradle
Learnt Azure DevOps
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One month into my first engineering role, and I have been learning a ton.

Coming from JavaScript, working with Java and it's eco-system has been a big change. What I like the most is that Java is 'typed', and the Spring Boot framework.
Nov 17, 2021
Data Sonification
Data Visualization
Gave a workshop
Doing creative coding
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Gave a talk about creating your own world and stories through data, numbers and code for Black Data Week in 2021

Information can be found here:

Videos can be found here:
Started 3 days ago
Learning Python
A little bit of Python refresher. MIMO is the Duolingo for coding.

Started 4 days ago
Learning Python
Learning Python and Django! Looking forward to working in that technologies.
Learning about Linux
Learning about the Linux operating system and Bash scripting from the Jetbrains Academy's Introduction to Command Line and Unix Shell course. Pretty good content even though it is still in beta phase.